About me

real quick before this turns into a narcissist rant: I stopped following the standard path expected of me after college and decided to join a domestic Peace Corps, become a Wildland Firefighter, and start a podcast and business helping people build the life and goals around the life they want instead of what they have been told.

I'm glad you're here ✌🏼

What I am working on

📚 I released my first book, Rewrite the Rules after 2 years of going through 100+ podcast interviews and personal journals to create a guidebook of sorts for people to live by their own goals and motives instead of what they are told to do or feel expected to do.

🌎 On this website I write about topics such as entrepreneurship and money, psychedelics, personal development, fitness, and society.

🎙 For the past 5 years, I host the top-rated Rewrite the Rules podcast. 2x/month, I talk about or have guests on to showcase ways to live and work that are beyond the status quo

I send a weekly email called "Thursday Thoughts". I share books and podcasts I have been enjoying as well as insights and thoughts on subjects I have been tossing around. Would love to have you join.

Other things

🚜 I am mildly obsessed with getting land and building an off-grid and sustainable ranch in the next 3 years. I have a lot of nostalgia for the southern Arizona area, but might be easier to do it near where I live in Austin.

🚐 Thinking about buying a winnebago and driving around the country in 2022. My fiance is a talented singer and I know all of one song on guitar so maybe we can go from bar to bar in the south and play our one hit song to drunken bystanders. If you know somebody who is a road warrior I should talk to, please let me know!

🐕  I always thought getting a big dog like a lab or german shepherd would be the only way to live, and then we brought home a 15 lb. foster dog named Macy. Now I know that smaller dogs = smaller poops to pick up and I can hide her in my jacket when she isn't allowed into a store. Opinion has been officially changed.


  • ☀️ How to create a lifestyle based on your beliefs and goals and values
  • ☀️Insights into entrepreneurship and making money, man
  • ☀️ Fresh music, podcasts, products, movies, people and books that will make your life better
  • ☀️ My thoughts on topics that I find interesting, and I am fairly certain you will too